Ecuador a Safe Country

Ecuador a safe Country, when South America is mention, specifically Ecuador, people might think about unsafety and the danger of the country. However, even though many people perceive the region as unsafe, it is safer than one might think, especially when you travel to Ecuador.

“Ecuador is perceived a very safe country”

In terms of the Latin American countries, Ecuador is perceived a very safe country. This means that, as a tourist you can basically go anywhere in the country alone or accompanied, but you might want to be a little careful when visiting touristic places by means of not wearing jewelry and expensive stuff.

Many people think Ecuador is not very safe based on what they read from authorities and media, but once you are here you can notice that it is different. Basically, Ecuador is just like any other place could be. Robberies happen everywhere daily or at night. It happens in the big cities all around the world, also in the western world.

Honestly, I feel safe living in a apartment in Quito, because here every apartment has security. That doesn’t mean that it is unsafe but it does give people a safer feeling. Also, do many shops have security guards, which gives a very safe feeling. This does not imply that you can wave around with all your money as a tourist, but you cannot do that anywhere around the world in touristic places because it is a risk and not just in Ecuador but in any touristic place.

Now, it might seem like it is a different case for me because I live here, but I have also travelled around the country as as a tourist and acted like a tourist, though I have never had any complications or difficulties, because of acting like a tourist. The country is safe and if anything happens, people are very glad to help you.

Many tourists have preconceptions about travelling to South America and Ecuador in particular, so did my parents. I travelled with them throughout the country for 3 weeks their perception completely changed, as they had seen the complete opposite of these stories about Ecuador and South-America.

Ecuador is a perfectly safe country as the people in Ecuador are known for their friendliness and hospitality, so whatever happens – you are lost or ran out of money – they will always be happy to assist you to get you back on the rails. Besides, the way of speaking Spanish in Ecuador is slow and easy to follow for beginners, so a good place to practise your Spanish. If you don’t understand what they are saying, they will speak slower and try to explain what they want to explain more non-verbally or they ask someone else to help explain them what they are trying to say to you.

This is a story based on experiences of Robin Vandelmern from Netherlands. 


Reasons to visit Ecuador

Ecuador is perfect for those who want more than a simple vacation but for those who want to enjoy their life to the fullest. If you fit into this category, you are probably wondering what kind of place Ecuador is, what to expect of it, and what you should bring. So here are a few things to consider.


Being perfectly fluent in English is always a good thing, but in Ecuador it might not be that helpful since local people speak many different indigenous languages. Most of the local people don’t speak English that well or at all, but everyone speaks and understands Spanish perfectly, so it would be wise to learn at least some basic phrases before booking your flight to this amazing country.

Prices & Currency

If you’re from the USA, you don’t have to worry about confusing conversions, since one of the official currencies is the United States dollar. Even with a low budget, Ecuador can be an amazing place for budget backpackers since the prices are not too high.

You can easily find good quality double rooms for 20 to 30 USD a night and a good meal like, for example, a two-course seafood dish, for just 3 bucks.

A great idea that will save you some trouble is to always carry a good amount of small dollar bills since street foods, daily items and transportation are usually really cheap and people often don´t have change.

Another recommendation; be prepared to battle some ATM machines. Some machines won’t accept your card at all while some ATM machines cannot issue more than 100 USD at a time. On top of that, smaller cities and villages usually don’t have ATMs, so prepare your wallet before you go anywhere.


For those who don’t like to experiment too much, Ecuador offers standard western cuisine or different variants of rice dishes with vegetables, meat, and fish, but western food is usually more expensive and, besides that, it would be a sin to miss some of the wonders of the traditional Ecuadorian kitchen. You can get a taste of Ecuadorian cuisine right on the streets or in fancy restaurants.

One of the most popular choices for indecisive and hungry tourists is usually the “almuerzo” – lunch special. These dishes usually include a soup, a main dish, a soda and they cost around 2.50 to 3 USD. Here you’re always guaranteed to get enough food of amazing taste for an affordable price, so be sure to explore the many different choices this place has to offer.


It is a great idea to pre-book some transportation to your hotel when you arrive there for the first time, but even if you haven´t, you can still use the taxi. Getting around in bigger cities is not a problem since taxi services are not expensive because fuel is cheap.

In most situations you won’t have to spend more than 3 to 5 USD per ride, but if you want to save up on that, you can still catch a local bus. Local bus fares are usually no more than 50 cents, but traveling routes can be confusing, so check twice if you are in the right bus before it starts going anywhere.

For cross-country traveling, your best options are still buses since they are really easy to use. Just make sure you hold on to any bus ticket receipts you get since you might need them later on. If you are traveling for more than a few hours, be sure to check for different bus companies’ fares and routes since prices and time spent on the road can vary.


While Ecuador is notorious for being a place where you can easily “lose” your wallet, these rumors are often exaggerated. Having said this, it is important to note that some visitors as in all countries worldwide have had negative experiences so is a good idea to keep your eyes open and always check your belongings.

If you are going somewhere is better to be accompanied by some friends so you can look after each other. Inform yourself of common scams, how to notice them, and how to avoid them before your trip and you should be just fine.


As the name itself suggests, Ecuador is located on the equator, which means it’s much closer to the sun than any other place north or south of it. This means that you’re going to need some serious UV protection. In case you forgot to bring sunscreen you can easily  find local stores where this kind of products can be found.

Ecuador is a destination that is guaranteed to give you the adventure of a lifetime just make sure you are adequately prepared and well informed!

Whale Watching Ecuador

Whale watching in Ecuador has become very popular along the country’s Pacific coast from late June to early October, every year a large number of Humpback Whales make a more than 4000 miles trip from Antarctica´s cold waters in order to mate and spawn in the Equatorial line warm waters.

The number of whales that are seen off the coast of Ecuador can change year by year, but ranges are between 400 and 2000. The first to arrive are the young males, who travel in large pods and stay fairly close to the coastline. Females that got pregnant the year before are the last to return to the tropical waters due to their extra weight in order to give birth. The hot water is important for the survival of the newborns, they would never survive in the cold waters of Antarctica due to their lack of a protecting fat layer.

Known to be an extremely active and social species of whale, the humpback whale can be observed both alone and in groups of up to 8 individuals. Always talkative, the humpback whale is known for its love of communication and for the harmonious sounds it emits underwater while communicating with other whales.

In Ecuador, humpback whales are seen more commonly along the northern and central parts of the coast. Some of the best places for whale watching in Ecuador are Puerto Lopez, Salinas, Bahia de Caraquez and Mompiche. Puerto Lopez is a particularly attractive destination for whale watching because it offers tours to nearby Isla de la Plata and the Machalilla National Park.

This could be a great opportunity to observe this unique animals and can be taken as a preview of a Galapagos cruise experience.

Contact our travel experts to organize this unique experience while you are visit Ecuador.