Ecuador a Safe Country

Ecuador a safe Country, when South America is mention, specifically Ecuador, people might think about unsafety and the danger of the country. However, even though many people perceive the region as unsafe, it is safer than one might think, especially when you travel to Ecuador.

“Ecuador is perceived a very safe country”

In terms of the Latin American countries, Ecuador is perceived a very safe country. This means that, as a tourist you can basically go anywhere in the country alone or accompanied, but you might want to be a little careful when visiting touristic places by means of not wearing jewelry and expensive stuff.

Many people think Ecuador is not very safe based on what they read from authorities and media, but once you are here you can notice that it is different. Basically, Ecuador is just like any other place could be. Robberies happen everywhere daily or at night. It happens in the big cities all around the world, also in the western world.

Honestly, I feel safe living in a apartment in Quito, because here every apartment has security. That doesn’t mean that it is unsafe but it does give people a safer feeling. Also, do many shops have security guards, which gives a very safe feeling. This does not imply that you can wave around with all your money as a tourist, but you cannot do that anywhere around the world in touristic places because it is a risk and not just in Ecuador but in any touristic place.

Now, it might seem like it is a different case for me because I live here, but I have also travelled around the country as as a tourist and acted like a tourist, though I have never had any complications or difficulties, because of acting like a tourist. The country is safe and if anything happens, people are very glad to help you.

Many tourists have preconceptions about travelling to South America and Ecuador in particular, so did my parents. I travelled with them throughout the country for 3 weeks their perception completely changed, as they had seen the complete opposite of these stories about Ecuador and South-America.

Ecuador is a perfectly safe country as the people in Ecuador are known for their friendliness and hospitality, so whatever happens – you are lost or ran out of money – they will always be happy to assist you to get you back on the rails. Besides, the way of speaking Spanish in Ecuador is slow and easy to follow for beginners, so a good place to practise your Spanish. If you don’t understand what they are saying, they will speak slower and try to explain what they want to explain more non-verbally or they ask someone else to help explain them what they are trying to say to you.

This is a story based on experiences of Robin Vandelmern from Netherlands.