The Ecuadorian Amazon is considered the most biodiverse place on Earth and every day countless people flock here to discover the astonishing wildlife that lives deep within the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is filled with jungle animals and river animals and countless other beings that reside inside the depths of the rainforest.

We put together a list of the most common Amazon rainforest animals that you might run into on your Amazon rainforest tour. Now you’ll know just exactly what to expect on your trip to the diverse Amazon rainforest.

This is our Top Most Seen Amazon Animals


This bird sticks close to streams and lagoons in the Amazon basin. The Hoatzin is nicknamed “The Stinky Turkey” because of its foul odor. Hoatzins only eat leaves which are often hard to digest so they have adapted over the years. Hoatzins break down and ferment leaves in their stomach which is the cause of this foul odor. This might be the smelliest animal in all of the Amazon rainforest.

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals


Toucans are one of the most stunning animals in the whole Amazon rainforest. These magnificent birds have a colorfully patterned coat and a long curved bill that helps them reach fruits and other foods. With a little luck, you’ll see a common species of Toucans in the Amazon rainforest called the White Throated Toucan or the smallest species of Toucans, the Aracaris.

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals

Parrots & Macaws

  • These birds, along with Toucans, are one of the most represented Amazon animals. Their beauty is beyond compare. Parrots and Macaws are very colorful and come in all sizes. A couple are:
  • Parakeets – the smallest parrots
  • Parrots and Macaws – the biggest

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals

Herons & Egrets

  • Herons and Egrets are the most common types of birds in water habitats of the Amazon. There are many species of them in plenty of different sizes and colors. A few examples are:
  • The Cocoi Heron – the largest Heron
  • The Boat-Billed Heron –its long striking shaped beak is its signature identifier

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals


For many, monkeys are the highlight of a visit to the Amazon rainforest. Monkeys are the most closely related animal to humans and are found everywhere in the forest. With some luck you’ll cross the path of monkeys like the Pigmy marmoset, the smallest monkey in the tropics, or the Red Howler Monkey, loudest in all of the Amazon rainforest.

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals


These might be the scariest Amazon river animal but don’t be afraid. If you remain at a distance, they do not attack. They fish in all water bodies of the rainforest. In a nocturnal expedition, you could possibly see the Black Caiman, the biggest species, or a Spectacled Caiman which is smaller but more common.

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals


During a visit to the Amazon, you’re bound to run into a snake or two. There are loads of them in all different sizes. In some cases, you may even spot an anaconda.

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals

Tree Frogs

Water and humidity are a necessity for a frog’s life cycle, making the Amazon rainforest the perfect home for them. At dusk, you can hear roars of Tree Frogs calling. With a little bit of luck on a night hike, you can see many species of the Phyllomedusa Genus, the most beautiful kinds of tree frogs.

Top Most Seen Amazon Animals

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