Whale Watching Ecuador

whale ecuador

Whale watching in Ecuador has become very popular along the country’s Pacific coast from late June to early October, every year a large number of Humpback Whales make a more than 4000 miles trip from Antarctica´s cold waters in order to mate and spawn in the Equatorial line warm waters.

The number of whales that are seen off the coast of Ecuador can change year by year, but ranges are between 400 and 2000. The first to arrive are the young males, who travel in large pods and stay fairly close to the coastline. Females that got pregnant the year before are the last to return to the tropical waters due to their extra weight in order to give birth. The hot water is important for the survival of the newborns, they would never survive in the cold waters of Antarctica due to their lack of a protecting fat layer.

Known to be an extremely active and social species of whale, the humpback whale can be observed both alone and in groups of up to 8 individuals. Always talkative, the humpback whale is known for its love of communication and for the harmonious sounds it emits underwater while communicating with other whales.

In Ecuador, humpback whales are seen more commonly along the northern and central parts of the coast. Some of the best places for whale watching in Ecuador are Puerto Lopez, Salinas, Bahia de Caraquez and Mompiche. Puerto Lopez is a particularly attractive destination for whale watching because it offers tours to nearby Isla de la Plata and the Machalilla National Park.

This could be a great opportunity to observe this unique animals and can be taken as a preview of a Galapagos cruise experience.

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