Why a couple should travel to Galapagos

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos? Want to take an unforgettable vacation time with your mate?  Why don´t  spend this unique time in cruise to the Galapagos Islands?   It’s got everything a couples’ trip needs: Adventure, gorgeous sea and landscapes, interesting activities, exotic locations, and plenty of opportunity for romance.

Few places on earth have as much untouched natural places, rare and unique wildlife as the Galapagos Islands.

If you’ve never been to the Galapagos Islands (or if you’ve never planned a cruise before), you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the planning process, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the right decisions for your trip.

1.- Determine when you want to travel

There’s really no bad time to visit the Galapagos Islands, but there are definitely times that are better than others when it comes to viewing certain wildlife. June through September and then December through January are the two peak seasons on the islands.

However, there are better times to see and experience all that the Galapagos Islands has to offer.

  • December through May is the rainy season (but the rains are very sporadic and short-lived, so it won’t really disrupt your trip) and the water is warmer, which makes snorkeling much more pleasurable. It’s also mating season for many of the animals, so you can watch their interesting dances and rituals, as well as witness the tortoises nesting. In March and April, the sea lion pups are born, so you can see them exploring the islands. If you’re given to seasickness, this is definitely the time to visit, since the seas are calmer.
  • From June through November, the Humboldt Current brings cooler water and an abundance of plankton, which attracts the birds, and penguins. The blue-footed booby does its amazing mating dance during this season, and the diving is at its finest, if you can brave the cooler waters.

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos


2. Consider your Galapagos Islands itinerary

If you’re thinking about a Galapagos Islands cruise, you probably have a few ideas about what you really want to see. Maybe it’s a particular animal or bird, or maybe you’re an amateur volcanologist. The main goal is to make sure you’ll actually see the things that matter to you.

Cruise itineraries tend to divide the islands into three separate groups, and each has its own highlights:

  • Southern Islands (San Cristobal, Santa Fe, Plazas, Espanola, Floreana) focus more on human history and wildlife diversity. This is the only place to see the waved albatross.
  • Northern Islands (Santiago, Bartolome, Rabida, North Seymour, Genovesa) are noted for their volcanic landscapes and lava fields, as well as the red-footed booby colony and the penguins on Bartolome.
  • Western Islands (Isabela and Ferdinanda) have the most active volcanoes as well as amazing wildlife including the flightless cormorant, Galapagos penguins, and whales. Isabela Island is the only island to have the equator run through it.

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos


3. Choose your vessel’s class and size carefully

Almost all Galapagos Islands cruises have air conditioning and private baths as well as spacious sun decks and rest areas. They provide meals with menus that vary based on the size and class of the boat. In general, cruise vessels are assigned to the following classes Luxury, First Class, Standard, Economical. Some vessels offer spacious suites, matrimonial rooms, cabins with balcony is another great feature some ships offer.

Snorkeling equipment and kayaks are available (depending of the ship it may have an extra cost)

Consider whether you’d prefer a smaller vessel (which is usually the cheaper option) with more intimacy with your fellow travelers or a larger cruise ship that allows for more privacy and a wider range of on-board amenities. If you are prone to seasickness, a bigger boat or a Catamaran is a better option.

If diving is on your bucket-list, you can also book a diving cruise, which may be a single day adventure or a series of dives over several days.

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos


4. Activities for couples

Endless activities can be done with your mate while you visit the Enchanted islands no matter if you are cruising or exploring the islands on your way. Why not have dinner for two al fresco?. Take your dinner on the top deck of the ship under the stars or at sunset or if you want to stay on land biking is a another great opportunity to bond your relationship and explore one of the great natural wonders of the world together. Use this time to take in all the Galapagos beauty and channel that sense of wonder into your relationship. After all, it isn’t everyday or every couple who gets to explore such a unique environment together.

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos


5. Take memories leave footprints

A trip to the Galapagos Islands with your mate is definitely an unique chance to bring together the most romantic  version of you two. So take as many pictures as possible during your stay in the Enchanted Islands, a good idea when you go back home is to make a digital version of your visit to this unique place on the planet and fall in love again every time you remember this once in a lifetime trip .

Why a couple should travel to Galapagos


Feel the love again…